The Problem:

More and more learners are being diagnosed with learning barriers and/or are advised that the mainstream model is not able to serve them or their needs. Adults and students that are completing, or have completed their hifz studies, have also found this to be an effective way to achieve a high school credential quickly, opening the door to further studies.

The Solution:

We create an environment that is a move away from the traditional school model which is driven by rewards or punishments. A restorative approach focuses on the learners’ interests and emotional states and provides meta-cognitive tools to enable students to not merely cope, but to experience success. This approach depends upon secure relationships and our small classrooms allow us to nurture authentic connections which are the cornerstone to real learning.

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“It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”

BA: Phil and Eng majors (UCT) PGCE (UNISA). Multiple metacognition
workshops under Estelle Brettenny O.T. Consultant in
Thinking and Learning Health, SACE registered
“As the former principal of an independent school and the
educational consultant at another independent school and a
private tutor, I have worked with learners, parents and teachers
and observed the occasional disparity between the existing
system and the actual needs of children- a deep desire to bridge
this gap was ignited and the concept of HOOT was born.”