Janet Gelgor

“I contacted Theresa Minne from HOOT after my Life Coach suggested her to supervise my son’s GED®. Given that the traditional school framework was not working for him it has proven to be an incredible solution. From the beginning, Theresa has been enthusiastic, supportive and incredibly caring. We are utterly grateful to Theresa and would highly recommend HOOT a supportive and caring environment.
Thanks, Theresa!”

Husna Parker

“I learn and memorise the Quraan full time. I completed grade 9, but now at 19 I am wanting to finish my schooling… I was introduced to the GED by my tutor, and I am really happy with it… I recommend it to everyone looking to achieve a high school exit alternative.”

Vennesia Loubser

“Since my grandson joined HOOT, we have seen significant improvement in his ability to focus, his attitude changed from an angry teenager to a loving young boy. From being annihilated and bullied by teachers and learners at a public school, he is now not only able to cope in the class, but is thriving and happy. I would definitely recommend HOOT. My grandson not only has a teacher but a HERO.”

Leslene Jones

“Hoot is the ideal environment for parents with teens who struggle with the mainstream school environment, where learners are always praised and uplifted no matter how small their accomplishment. To any parent who has an unhappy teenager and is looking for a different learning experience for their child, where they can thrive and be nurtured into caring, responsible adults, I would recommend Hoot. The GED® curriculum is easy to follow and for any teenager struggling with main stream, I would recommend the GED®. I had an unhappy and bullied teenager until we made the change a year ago.

Loretta Hartman

“Homeschool was never the question with our son, Liam. It was, “with whom?” and, “which curriculum?”. At the birth of a perfectly holistic, accommodative environment, Theresa, provided the GED platform that gave Liam the opportunity to determine his own test readiness, without being removed from the class room just because he is diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Quite frankly, he loved the challenge of being in competition with himself…Producing work from 50% to 70% within 3 months. (And getting merits like a sleep-in). Hoot allowed him something that we all struggle with… Permission to be yourself. Thank you, Theresa and Hoot.

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