The conception of the Hoot Institute occurred with the enrollment of its first student, Liam Hartman. The necessity of such a venture was clear, due to the fact that Liam was a unique individual who needed an alternative high school exit option that gave him the freedom to express himself authentically. During his time at Hoot, he grew in confidence and flourished.

Liam tragically passed away, much too soon, at the tender age of 16, but the lessons he taught us and the legacy he leaves will forever be intricately woven into the fabric of our vision and mission. Hoot exists in honour of you, Liam.

We have a passionate desire to provide a learning space that truly focuses on the student and inspires a love of learning as well as resilience and self-regulation. Our aim is to make every learner who enters our safe-haven, feel seen, heard and understood.

LIAM MARK HARTMAN 1 Nov 2001-25 Oct 2018