The “Curiosity” Approach

Hoot Prep uses a Montessori and Reggio Emilia inspired approach where children actively construct knowledge through their own investigations, explorations, interests and inquiries.

This approach considers the environment around them as their Third Teacher to create provocative, inquiry-driven, open ended learning spaces for the children.

Supplementary Online Programme

Hoot Prep includes an International Online Education platform to supplement the curriculum. This is introduced from an early age with an incremental increase of time spent, relative to the age of the child and more importantly the proficiency and mastery of each fundamental learning task assigned.

Sensory Learning Environment

The Reggio inspired classroom has no assigned seating plan specifically to integrate the classroom as a holistic and sensory space.

It is set out in a way that encourages free exploration and play using naturalistic design elements and incorporating organic materials to create a thought provoking setting to ignite imagination and creativity.

Age Group

Hoot Prep accepts children between the ages of 4 & 12 years old. The younger group (4-8 years) are stimulated through sensory play activities and acquainted with the Online Schooling Platform. Their day is predominantly around play, crafts and interacting with their peers.

The older group (9-12 years) follow the same principle but with increased focus on the Online Schooling Platform.